Not Yet Released
0000093: [Commands] Implement launch commands (Timo)
0000046: [General] Support other mods (Timo)
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Not Yet Released
0000089: [Setup & Configuration] Removing extra config files crashes etlded (Timo)
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Released 2019-01-04
0000063: [Players] Rewrite stats module (Timo)
0000080: [Setup & Configuration] Configs are not loaded (Timo)
0000083: [Setup & Configuration] Add setting to disable unknown GUID kick (Timo)
0000061: [General] Standalone mode (Timo)
       0000069: [General] Provide alternative to shrubbot (Timo)
       0000055: [Database] Store mutes, kicks, warns and bans in the database (Timo)
       0000062: [Commands] Provide basic admin commands (Timo)
0000073: [Setup & Configuration] Create install script (Timo)
0000060: [Setup & Configuration] Add TOML support (Timo)
0000074: [General] Improve portability (Timo)
0000078: [General] Improve error handling (Timo)
0000075: [General] Improve code efficiency (Timo)
0000077: [Commands] Bot difficulty options (Timo)
0000066: [Commands] console: prefix on command output (Timo)
0000065: [Commands] Fix logging (Timo)
0000064: [Commands] !stats not displaying on Legacy (Timo)
0000071: [General] Load modules independent from path (Timo)
0000072: [General] Improve directory structure (Timo)
0000048: [General] Compatibility with Lua 5.3 (Timo)
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Released 2017-01-30
0000037: [Admin] Refine balancer (Timo)
0000051: [Commands] Load client and server commands dynamically (Timo)
0000059: [Setup & Configuration] Handle database errors (Timo)
0000054: [Commands] Implement pagination (Timo)
0000070: [Documentation] Update installation documentation (Timo)
0000023: [Database] Add SQLite support (Timo)
0000057: [Setup & Configuration] Unable to disable balancer (Timo)
0000056: [Commands] !(un)plock displays incorrect description
0000053: [Commands] /adminchat (or /ac) doesn't give a sound notification (Timo)
0000052: [Commands] /r not playing sound and displayed for sender (Timo)
0000047: [Commands] Make certain console commands available from chat (Timo)
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