Scheduled For Release 2019-01-07
0000103: [Auth] Add permission for personal messaging
0000102: [Admin] Balancer activated with only 1 player difference (Timo)
0000099: [General] Log files are not created if they do not exist (Timo)
0000068: [Players] Notify player upon mention (Timo)
0000101: [Commands] Make !shuffle command shuffle by skill rating when enabled (Timo)
0000098: [Game] Implement banners (Timo)
0000089: [Setup & Configuration] Removing extra config files crashes etlded (Timo)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-01-01
0000096: [Commands] Dynamite counter
0000097: [Commands] Make an easier interface for new commands
0000106: [Commands] Rewrite commands interface
0000100: [Commands] Implement chat shortcuts
0000090: [Admin] Implement inactivity checking
0000081: [General] Create output module
0000091: [General] Refactor constants to make use of predefined constants
0000095: [Commands] Spree sounds & Multikill & Multirevive & Teamkiller (Timo)
0000087: [Admin] Censor (Timo)
0000088: [Admin] Implement g_teamDamageRestriction (Timo)
0000093: [Commands] Implement launch commands (Timo)
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