Scheduled For Release 2020-01-01
0000117: [Admin] !listaliases not working when player is connecting
0000091: [General] Refactor constants to make use of predefined constants
0000111: [Commands] !listplayers shows incorrect player count (Timo)
0000116: [Database] Add database migrations (Timo)
0000115: [Admin] Permanent bans do not work (Timo)
0000118: [Commands] Private messaging to a slot does not work (Timo)
0000081: [General] Create output module (Timo)
0000087: [Admin] Censor (Timo)
0000095: [Commands] Spree sounds & Multikill & Multirevive & Teamkiller (Timo)
0000088: [Admin] Implement g_teamDamageRestriction (Timo)
0000093: [Commands] Implement launch commands (Timo)
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