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0000087WolfAdminGeneralpublic2019-01-18 15:46
ReporterTimoAssigned ToTimo 
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Target Version1.3.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000087: Censor
DescriptionSimilar to other mods, WolfAdmin should include a censor/curse filter. This filter should both filter chat as well as player names.

This could possibly be made to use regular expressions (optionally), which might help catch common replacements/misspellings.
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WolfAdmin: develop/1.3.0 4e917f72

2019-01-18 15:51:31


Details Diff
Implemented a basic censor module (refs 0000087)

* implemented chat message censor
* created settings
* created constants for chat type commands
Affected Issues
mod - config/wolfadmin.toml Diff File
add - luascripts/wolfadmin/admin/censor.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/admin/readconfig.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/client/say.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/main.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/util/constants.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/util/settings.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/util/util.lua Diff File

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