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0000081WolfAdminGeneralpublic2020-05-12 20:45
ReporterTimo Assigned ToTimo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.3.0Fixed in Version1.3.0 
Summary0000081: Create output module
DescriptionInstead of invoking et.trap_SendServerCommand everywhere, create a module that does this for us. This will improve consistency, maintainability and resolve certain issues/limitations.

Currently known issues: using csay to print something over RCON is not printed to RCON but to server console. This is because csay enters the et_ServerCommand callback rather than being printed directly in the executed script (e.g. help.lua).
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related to 0000035 resolvedTimo Greetings are cut off 


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WolfAdmin: develop 1768ccc9

2020-05-10 01:01


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Added output module (refs 0000081)

* takes care of all output to server and clients
* routes all client output through server commands so the in-chat order is preserved
Affected Issues
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/server/cannounce.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/server/cbp.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/server/cchat.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/server/ccp.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/server/ccpm.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/server/cmusic.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/server/csay.lua Diff File
add - luascripts/wolfadmin/commands/server/ctchat.lua Diff File
add - luascripts/wolfadmin/game/client.lua Diff File
add - luascripts/wolfadmin/game/output.lua Diff File
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