This page provides you with the necessary documentation on how to use WolfAdmin's features.

Table of contents
  1. Voting
    1. New options
    2. Restrictions
    3. Menu
  2. Commands
    1. Chat
    2. Console

Support & bugs

In case you run into trouble and need support for WolfAdmin, check out the #wolfadmin IRC channel on Quakenet. You may also contact me via mail or via one of the communities where I usually hang around.

For bug reports, please use the bug tracker.


WolfAdmin provides you with a new set of voting options. This allows players to adjust the game's settings, for example when there are no administrators online.

New options

/callvote poll enable bots
enable bots on the server

/callvote poll disable bots
disable bots on the server

/callvote poll put bots [axis|allies]
put bots to the selected team

/callvote poll set bot difficulty [normal|hard|epic]
set the difficulty of the bots


It is now possible to restrict votes to a certain group of players. Only players who have the % flag will be allowed to call the votes specified in g_restrictedVotes. Currently it is only possible to restrict the default voting options - the above options by WolfAdmin are not yet supported.


Together with WolfAdmin comes a custom menu for the newly added voting options. This is provided via the wolfadmin.pk3. However, if your server already has such a menu, it may not work. To fix this, please add the following line in your own menu (in /ui/menus.txt):

// WolfAdmin
loadMenu { "ui/ingame_vote_wolfadmin.menu")


The set of commands which is offered by the most used mods is usually just not enough. For this reason, WolfAdmin contains another set of commands on top of those. These behave exactly the same as the commands you are used to: they have their own shrubbot flags, the usual syntax and they can be used from (fire)team chat and console. Additionally, it is also possible to easily add your own Lua commands.


Information commands

display your personal greeting, if you have one
syntax: !greeting
flag: Q

display the rules on the server
syntax: !rules (rule)
flag: C

display the current spree records
syntax: !sprees
flag: I

display the maps in the rotation
syntax: !listmaps
flag: C

Player commands

display the statistics for a specific player
syntax: !stats [name|slot #]
flag: I

display all known aliases for a player
syntax: !listaliases [name|slot #] (offset)
flag: f

display all levels on the server
syntax: !listlevels (name|slot #) (offset)
flag: s

Team commands

either asks the players to even up or evens them by moving or shuffling players
syntax: !balance (force) pre-1.1.0
syntax: !balance (enable|disable|force) 1.1.0
flag: p

Bot commands

adds bots to the game
syntax: !needbots
flag: O

kicks all bots from the game
syntax: !kickbots
flag: O

puts all bots into a specific team
syntax: !putbots [r|b|s]
flag: p

Voting commands

enables next map voting
syntax: !enablevote
flag: c

Administration commands

voicemutes a player
syntax: !vmute [name|slot #]
flag: m

unvoicemutes a player
syntax: !vunmute [name|slot #]
flag: m

locks a player to a specific team
syntax: !plock [name|slot #]
flag: K

unlocks a player
syntax: !punlock [name|slot #]
flag: K

remove a warning for a certain player
syntax: !dewarn [name|slot #] [warn #]
flag: R

display warnings for a specific player
syntax: !showwarns [name|slot #] (offset)
flag: R

fakes your level to guest (no aka)
syntax: !incognito
flag: s

resets the spree records of the current map, or all maps if desired
syntax: !resetsprees pre-1.0.0
syntax: !resetsprees (all) 1.0.1
flag: G


display information about WolfAdmin
syntax: /about
flag: (none)

/r 1.0.1
reply to a private message
syntax: /r [message]
flag: (none)

/adminchat (shortcut /ac)
send a message to all admins online (players who can use admin chat)
syntax: /adminchat (text)
flag: ~

For a full list of shrubbot flags, see the permissions section.