This page contains a history of all WolfAdmin versions, as well as a short changelog for each version.

Older versions

Version Date Download Changelog
1.1.0 30 Jan 2017 .lua
  • moved SQLite3 database to fs_homepath
  • sanitized command inputs
  • more...
1.1.0-beta 26 Aug 2016 .lua
  • reworked command system
  • added dynamic loading of client/server commands
  • advanced balancing (only dead players, no objective carriers, last player joined)
  • ability to disable balancer
  • support for SQLite3
  • pagination in commands
  • removed cfg database system, SQLite3 is now default
  • many bug fixes
  • more...
1.0.2 16 Feb 2016 .lua
  • fixed sprees not being saved
  • fixed /r not always returning a correct response
  • fixed config database system
  • more...
1.0.1 8 Feb 2016 .lua
  • added /r command which allows one to reply to a private message
  • added greeting sounds
  • added ability to reset all records using !resetsprees all
  • fixed bots still showing up in records regardless of g_botRecords
  • more...
1.0.0 25 Jan 2016 .lua
  • added possibility to disable bot greetings
  • added database column containing a 'clean' alias (no color codes)
  • fixed revives messages being shown in global chat (now only to team)
  • removed greeting prefix when displaying in obituary list/center print
  • several bug fixes
  • more...
1.0.0-beta 8 Apr 2015 .lua
1.0.0-alpha2 31 Mar 2015 N/A
  • reworked database/file loading
  • added rename logging
  • added rename limit
  • added next map announcement during intermission
  • added welcome message for newly connected player
  • added /about command
  • implemented spree records in database
  • implemented dynamic commands loading
  • more...
1.0.0-alpha1 19 Jan 2015 N/A