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0000059WolfAdminSetup & Configurationpublic2019-01-01 21:08
ReporterTimoAssigned ToTimo 
PriorityhighSeverityfeatureReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target Version1.1.0Fixed in Version1.1.0 
Summary0000059: Handle database errors
DescriptionDisplay a warning and abort/use a minimal system (without the database).

Anyway, the current situation is undesired: the module still runs and the game mod itself throws an error, while database functions are still executed.
Steps To Reproduce* luasql not being detected
* wolfadmin.db corrupt
* wolfadmin.db not writable
* mysql database not reachable
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2016-08-07 18:56

administrator   ~0000077

Applied in changeset bb67eb3.

Related Changesets

WolfAdmin: master bb67eb3f

2016-08-07 18:55:26


Details Diff
Removed cfg system and added checks for database availability/connectivity (issue 0000059) Affected Issues
mod - luascripts/admin/admin.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/commands/admin/dewarn.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/commands/admin/listaliases.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/commands/admin/listlevels.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/commands/admin/resetsprees.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/commands/admin/setlevel.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/commands/admin/showwarns.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/commands/admin/sprees.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/commands/admin/warn.lua Diff File
rm - luascripts/db/cfg.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/db/mysql.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/db/sqlite3.lua Diff File
mod - luascripts/game/sprees.lua Diff File

WolfAdmin: develop/1.2.0 98d4a30b

2019-01-01 21:12:22


Details Diff
Fixed Lua game init completely being interrupted when database is unavailable (refs 0000059)

* database module will throw debug messages when it cannot connect or read
* ACL module will enter 'dumb' mode and disallow any permissions (should be changed in future)
Affected Issues
mod - luamods/wolfadmin/auth/auth.lua Diff File
mod - luamods/wolfadmin/commands/server/acl.lua Diff File
mod - luamods/wolfadmin/db/db.lua Diff File
mod - luamods/wolfadmin/db/mysql.lua Diff File
mod - luamods/wolfadmin/db/sqlite3.lua Diff File

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