Released 2017-01-30
0000037: [Admin] Refine balancer (Timo)
0000051: [Commands] Load client and server commands dynamically (Timo)
0000059: [Setup & Configuration] Handle database errors (Timo)
0000054: [Commands] Implement pagination (Timo)
0000070: [Documentation] Update installation documentation (Timo)
0000023: [Database] Add SQLite support (Timo)
0000057: [Setup & Configuration] Unable to disable balancer (Timo)
0000056: [Commands] !(un)plock displays incorrect description
0000053: [Commands] /adminchat (or /ac) doesn't give a sound notification (Timo)
0000052: [Commands] /r not playing sound and displayed for sender (Timo)
0000047: [Commands] Make certain console commands available from chat (Timo)
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