WolfAdmin is a game manager for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers created by Timo 'Timothy' Smit. Written as a Lua module, it provides you with extra tools to administrate your server. Since the module is run on the server, players do not have to install anything. Among the features are many different commands that your administrators may use, automated team balancing, logging of player data and a new set of custom voting options. A complete list of all functionality can be found below.

The development started in 2015, although first tests date from 2014. This game manager has been created to help servers survive, even when there are not that many administrators or even players online. This is a growing issue in the Wolfenstein community and thus one of the future plans is to incorporate features that will be particularly useful for servers with low player amounts, such as variable map rotation and server configuration. Of course suggestions are welcome, feel free to contact me by email or post ideas in the bug tracker.

Many thanks to the contributors of ET: Legacy, NoQuarter, ETPub and the other modifications for their Lua implementation and inspiration for new features. And last but not least the Splash Damage team for releasing such an epic game.


  • Access control list system to manage permissions standalone
  • Many useful commands for players and administrators standalone
    • Warns
    • Mutes
    • Kicks
    • Bans
  • Admin chat
  • Player history, which keeps track of events that are important to players (aliases, punishments and levels)
  • Advanced balancer
  • Rulebook
  • Player greetings
  • Auto-kick players with no GUID
  • Voice muting (blocks vsay and vsay_team)
  • Player locking (same as !lock but now player-specific)
  • Incognito mode (shows as guest and no aka in !listplayers)
  • Enhanced voting mechanism
    • New voting options
    • Extra voting menu
    • Voting timeout (for !nextmap voting)
  • Spree records
  • Settings to customize above features
  • New shrubbot flags to grant new commands and features add-on

Thanks to

  • Dark Alchemy – early testing
  • Team Muppet – early testing
  • Eagle – ideas, bug reports
  • Harlekin – ideas, testing
  • IR4T4 – advices, testing, contributions
  • Ninjadeer – ideas, testing
  • Old-Owl – ideas, testing
  • Spyhawk – advices, testing, contributions
  • Stephan – advices, testing