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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000611   Generalfeatureassigned (Timo)2018-02-16Standalone mode
  0000046    Generalfeatureassigned (Timo)2018-02-16Support other mods
  0000069    Generalfeatureresolved (Timo)2018-02-16Provide alternative to shrubbot
  00000621   Commandsfeatureassigned (Timo)2018-02-16Provide basic admin commands
  00000782   Generalfeatureresolved (Timo)2018-02-13Improve error handling
  00000791   Databasemajorfeedback (Timo)2018-02-13Database lags
  000007531 Generalmajorresolved (Timo)2018-02-13Improve code efficiency
  00000831   Generalfeatureresolved (Timo)2018-02-13Add setting to disable unknown GUID kick
  0000073    Setup & Configurationfeaturenew2018-02-13Create install script
  00000861   Setup & Configurationminorfeedback (Timo)2018-02-06wolfadmin dont start
  00000841   Setup & Configurationminorresolved (Timo)2018-02-06Config fails to load when homepath is not the same as basepath
  00000851   Setup & Configurationminornew2018-02-06Error loading debug module
  00000383   Setup & Configurationminorresolved (Timo)2018-02-06greeting not working
  00000602   Setup & Configurationfeatureresolved (Timo)2017-03-15Add TOML support
  00000801   Generalmajorresolved (Timo)2017-03-13Configs are not loaded
  00000821   Commandsminorresolved (Timo)2017-03-08!showwarns warn list isn't working as intended
  00000764   Commandsminoracknowledged (Timo)2017-03-08Nextmap vote
  0000081    Commandsfeaturenew2017-03-03Create output module
  00000742   Generalfeatureresolved (Timo)2017-02-14Improve portability
  00000772   Commandsminorresolved (Timo)2017-02-12Bot difficulty options
  00000541   Commandsfeatureresolved (Timo)2017-02-04Implement pagination
  00000553   Databasefeatureresolved (Timo)2017-02-01Store mutes, kicks, warns and bans in the database
  0000070    Documentationtextresolved (Timo)2017-01-30Update installation documentation
  00000661   Commandsminorresolved (Timo)2017-01-29console: prefix on command output
  00000652   Commandsminorresolved (Timo)2017-01-28Fix logging
  00000641   Commandsblockresolved (Timo)2017-01-21!stats not displaying on Legacy
  0000063    Generaltweaknew2017-01-21Rewrite stats module
  0000008    Setup & Configurationfeaturenew (Timo)2017-01-20Variable configurations
  00000711   Generalminorresolved (Timo)2017-01-18Load modules independent from path
  000007211 Generalfeatureresolved (Timo)2017-01-18Improve directory structure
  0000068    Generalfeaturenew2017-01-10Notify player upon mention
  00000481   Generalfeatureresolved (Timo)2016-11-15Compatibility with Lua 5.3
  00000591   Setup & Configurationfeatureresolved (Timo)2016-08-07Handle database errors
  00000231   Databasefeatureresolved (Timo)2016-08-05Add SQLite support
  00000573   Setup & Configurationmajorresolved (Timo)2016-08-04Unable to disable balancer
  00000374   Generalfeatureresolved (Timo)2016-08-04Refine balancer
  00000586   Commandsfeatureassigned (Timo)2016-04-01Greeting sounds
  00000561   Commandsminorresolved2016-03-16!(un)plock displays incorrect description
  00000531   Commandsfeatureresolved (Timo)2016-02-25/adminchat (or /ac) doesn't give a sound notification
  00000521   Commandstweakresolved (Timo)2016-02-25/r not playing sound and displayed for sender
  00000471   Commandsfeatureresolved (Timo)2016-02-19Make certain console commands available from chat
  00000511   Commandsfeatureresolved (Timo)2016-02-18Load client and server commands dynamically
  00000491   Commandsminorresolved (Timo)2016-02-16/r returns unknown command after connection/map restart
  0000045    Databaseblockresolved (Timo)2016-02-16Unable to use .cfg
  00000501   GUIminorresolved (Timo)2016-02-16Sprees don't show up anymore after map ends
  00000421   Commandstweakfeedback (Timo)2016-02-03Add possibility to !enablevote when there are no admins online
  00000431   Generalminorresolved (Timo)2016-02-02!sprees still include bots
  00000401   Commandsfeatureresolved (Timo)2016-01-30Add ability to reset all records
  00000031   Commandsfeatureresolved (Timo)2016-01-30Greeting sounds
  00000411   Commandsfeatureresolved (Timo)2016-01-27Add command to reply to personal message
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